About Us

Pulsar Experiences is the brain-child of Brian Johnson and Barbara Martin. It was established in 2021 as an umbrella organization to own Refuge Portland and run “blockbuster”-style LARPs in the Pacific Northwest, which Barbara and Brian call home.

Although the organization is still in its infancy, we are excited to present to you the opportunity to come play with us as soon as is safe. Our recent pandemic experience has highlighted for us how important it is to engage with each other and talk as much as we can about sensitive issues.

Why Do This?

LARP is all about communal story-telling. We explore our own biases, understandings, misunderstandings, emotions, trauma, and so much more in such creative ways. As owners of Pulsar Experiences, we hope to engage people in deep and meaningful conversations about our shared humanity and experiences. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for building thoughtfulness, compassion and acceptance. LARP is a great way to find yourself, help yourself, and share yourself. We want to share this opportunity with as many people as possible.

Pulsar Experiences seeks to create and sponsor LARP games that explore humanity and shared human experience. We will provide an opportunity to understand more about yourself and others through healthy play, and encourage conversation about difficult topics relevant to the modern world.

Meet Barbara


Meet Barbara, one of the owners of Pulsar Experiences, and get to know thier vision of gaming.

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Meet Brian


Meet Brian, one of the owners of Pulsar Experiences, and get to know his vision of gaming.

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Meet our Game Runners

Learn more about the people running games under the Pulsar Experiences banner.

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Meet Our Players

Hear player testimonials and see what kinds of things are in store for you at a Pulsar Experiences game.

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