Local LARP Culture

LARPing in the Pacific Northwest is a varied experience, but there are some similarites. Most of the local games are PVE (Player Vs Environment) as opposed to PVP (Player Vs Player), although there are a small handful of exceptions. There are a number of LARPs in the area that are running serial games, and only a few one-shots that pop up - most run by a single company. Our local LARPs tend to have heavier rulesets than you would find in a Nordic LARP, but the range is vast, so there's certainly something that fits your needs around. We don't have too many well-known Parlour LARPs going at the moment.

One of the interesting things happening at the moment seems to be a push to make LARPing more accessible to those with special needs. This seems to be a phenomenon happening throughout the LARP community as a whole, but the PNW is tackling it with gusto. There are LARPs with opt-in combat systems in the works, and other LARPs are attempting to do what they can to ensure everyone is welcome at the game.

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